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Yuwon Intec is the supply infrastructure of Korean chemical industry.
Yuwon Intec will be the company which will become the leading company in the world through the trust of customers.
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Youwon int as distrubutor, importer, and exporter of raw materials and chemicals mainly supplies adhesives and raw materials for paint, detergent and petrochemical industries. In addition, we import and supply various additives and raw materials for the industries of construction, car, plastic, ink, agricultural chemicals, including more than 10 related companies all over the world.

As we step forward to the new century, we will keep transparent and trustful business management policy and try to search environmental and futuristic special materials under all of your support. We will always do our best to help developing domestic industries.

We try to meet our customers' need without forgetting the saying, "Stagnation is retrogression". We will do our best to construct reasonable management system to meet not only "Customers' satisfaction' but also "Customers' impression".

There is no success without taking challenges. Only a person or enterprise that prepares and challenges for the future can succeed. To become the top in this industry, all employees will reclaim the 21st century which will be the infinitely competitive age by having creative and challenging mind based on harmony and trust.

Our company will keep looking forward to your continuous interest and loving advice.

Thank you.

CEO Changkwoon Oh
Yuwon Intec.,Ltd, Cheong Woo B/D 4F, Gumjeong-Dong #177-1, Gunpo-Si, Kyungi-Do, Korea.
Customer Service : +82-70-7010-6730 | Fax: +82-31-629-6730 | E-mail :webmaster@yuwonint.com