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Yuwon Intec is the supply infrastructure of Korean chemical industry.
The vision and effort to construct infrastructure
that supplies raw materials as one of the
advanced chemical industries.

Starting in 1987, our company, Yuwon Intec., has been developing as one of the domestic chemical industries. Chemical industry is based on the field of all kinds of industries including paint, resin, steel, and etc. In the middle of those such important industries, Yuwon Intec has taken charge of an important role as the raw material supplier for domestic chemical industries.

Since 1990, Yuwon Intec have exploited the route of import and export of these raw materials in order to supply raw materials with stability. It has been possible since our company keeps the important connection with the universal raw material supply companies. Yuwon company has gained the trust from our customers through our unchanging efforts.

Moreover, Yuwon Intec has developed various import and export channels for smooth and stable supply. These unique supply know-how of our company has made our asscociated companies develop and produce their own products with stability.

Currently, Yuwon intec supply a wide range of raw material chemicals, such as resin, solvent, UV raw material, and coating material and continuously take charge of the main part in supplying advanced chemical meterials and environmental materials.

Based on the management philosophy formed for the last 19 years, we will keep our principle, "The customer is the first", for the next 1000 years, too.

Yuwon Intec.,Ltd, Cheong Woo B/D 4F, Gumjeong-Dong #177-1, Gunpo-Si, Kyungi-Do, Korea.
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